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It’s 3am and I am flicking through my gallery (fit to be called a night dancer , not so?). Staring at this one photo, I felt I could not hold on anymore .Was it time to face my demons?Sat inveigling myself that I wouldn’t shed a tear.” Not today! Not tonight! And not any more… Continue reading TORN APART


I’ll never let you goTo us we saidThe young little loveThen !Sleepless , joyful nightsThese were days of our lives !Ecstasies of a young true loveYet so deceitful .Those were the mornings of love! Ignored all faultsGravest of mistakes weoverlookedWere but a stepping stoneI ain’t going anywhereWe still sung!My own , your ownYour own my… Continue reading LEFT RAGS

Am I not woman enough

Am I not woman enough ?Do I subscribe not to this gender? Is it because my hips are not well endowed like those of Kim Kardashian_ Or becauseI can’t compareMyself to the voluptuous Nicki Minaj?I am just as skinny as an Etruscan shrew,A weightless cottonpunching bag. let say ,I just have toBing for the rest… Continue reading Am I not woman enough

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